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Use the $$$ to Spread the Word about ACA for Families!

on Wed, 07/03/2013 - 15:00

Beginning October 1, New Jerseyans of all incomes will have access to an online health insurance Marketplace where they can shop for new, affordable private health insurance or access public programs like Medicaid and NJ Family Care. Most New Jerseyans will also be eligible for federal subsidies that help offset the cost of health insurance. These programs take great strides toward making insurance affordable for all of New Jersey's uninsured and underinsured residents. But there's a problem. Few people know about the ACA's new coverage options or how to access them. That's why the Federal government gave New Jersey $7.6 million to help get ready for the implementation of the ACA. Governor Christie should be using the $7.6 million the Feds gave him to let New Jerseyans know about these new programs that are available to them. But he hasn't spent the money yet, and he remains uncommitted to spending it to spread the word about health care coverage available through the ACA.
Can you help? If so, tell the Governor to spend the money! It doesn't come out of NJ's pocket, and it can't be used for other purposes!

SOURCE:  New Jersey Citizen Action