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Dear SPAN Website Users: We try to make our website as accessible as possible for parents and others with special accessibility needs.  Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing our website information and resources and we will do our best to accommodate you!  Reach out to us at  Thanks, and happy browsing through our website!

STARTing and Running a Parent Group Resources

The Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) and the New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (NJOSEP) have teamed up to
support schools and districts in their efforts to increase the involvement of parents/caregivers of children receiving special education services. 

The goals of the partnership are to enhance family-school collaboration through assisting family’s and district personnel in developing skills in working together, establishing parent groups and supporting existing ones, promoting the knowledge of benefits derived from increased family involvement, and providing resources to parents in the areas of technical assistance and leadership development.

Through the START Project, Parent Group Specialists are available to provide assistance to help start parent groups for families with students who have disabilities, and to support existing special education parent groups. 
Contact the START Project for assistance in starting and running a parent group. Email: or call 973-642-SPAN (ext. 123).
We look forward to hearing from you.
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Tools for Developing a
Special Education Parent Advisory Group

Special Education Parent Advisory Groups in New Jersey l Guide to Developing and Conducting an Effective Group - This guide was developed utilizing best practices to assist parents and professionals interested in starting and running effective groups.

Webinar: Special Education Parent Advisory Groups in New Jersey l Guide to Developing and Conducting an Effective Group - This webinar was developed for parents and professionals to present an overview of the structure, content, and use of the Special Education Parent Advisoy Groups in New Jersey l Guide to Developing and Conducting an Effective Group.  

Click here for more tools to Start and Develop a Special Education Parent Advisory(SEPAG) or Support Group

Tools for Groups
Click on the topic below for tools and information to support and sustain your group
Organization and Communication
Tools for Parent Leaders to help with organizing information and for enhancing communication with your group

Parent Leadership
Tools for Parent Leaders for improving communication and working collaboratively with school districts

Links to Resources for Parent Groups
-National Organizations
-Parent Training Information Centers(PTIs), Resource and Advocacy Centers,
and other Non-Profits
-Educational Resources
-Law and Legislation Resources
-New Jersey Resources
-Parent Support Resources
General and Specific Disability/Disorder Resources


Resources Translated to Spanish