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Serving on Groups - Webinar Series and Resources


Joining decision-making groups is an important way for parents to have a voice and improve the lives of children and families. This webinar series will prepare and empower users to successfully serve on a group. You can make a difference!   Parents will be able to:

  • Recognize your personal leadership skills.
  • Build an understanding about decision-making groups
  • Develop skills essential for active and meaningful participation on groups

​Use these tools to train alone, or in groups in order to gain strategies to confidently, and actively participate in decision making groups.

Session 1- Opportunities to get Involved and Types of Groups

  1. Webinar recording
  2. PowerPoint presentation
  3. Handouts​​
    ​- Serving on Groups Guidebook - Section 1:  Opportunities to Get Involved
    ​-Serving on  Groups Guidebook - Section 2:  Types of Groups
    ​- Epstein's Framework of Six Types of Involvement
    -Guidebook Sectional Resource List

Session 2 - Processes and Tools Groups Use

  1. Webinar recording
  2. PowerPoint presentation
  3. Handouts
    ​-Serving on Groups Guidebook - Section 3: Processes Groups Use
    ​-Serving on Groups Guidebook - Section 4: Tools Groups Use
    ​-Guidebook Sectional Resource list


Section 3 - How to use Data on a Decision-Making Group

  1. Webinar recording
  2. PowerPoint presentation
  3. Handouts
    ​- Serving on Groups Guidebook - Section 6: Understanding Data as Information
    ​- Tools for Using Data
    ​- Action Planning Template
    ​- Serving on Groups Data Resources
  4. Additional resources
    ​- Action Planning Task
    ​- Resources from Shared Leadership In-Person session two


Section 4 - Sevir en Grupos Que Toman Decisiones

  1. Grabación de webinar
  2. Presentación de Powerpoint
  3. Folletos

Session 5 - Roles of Families and Skills for Serving on Groups

  1. Webinar Recording
  2. PowerPoint presentation
  3. Guidebook Section 7
  4. Guidebook Section 8
  5. Handouts