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Professional Development - School Districts

SPAN is your one-stop resource for learning, sharing and connecting regarding the development, education and health of children. We offer training, coaching and consultation designed to improve your practices in working with families.
School Districts - professional development to increase family engagement and improve outcomes for students with the greatest needs.
Benefits of SPAN's workshops:
•  Schools/Districts learn to be more family-friendly and collaborative
•  Engaged and educated families lead to improved student outcomes (test scores)
•  SPAN’s expertise in reaching diverse and underserved
•  Staff will better understand how they can support children with learning and/or behavior challenges
•  Staff will know how to collaborate with schools, health care providers and other professionals

Suggested workshops for school districts’ staff; customized sessions also available:
•  Positive School Climate
•  Planning for Effective Parent Involvement
•  Multiple Intelligences
•  Effective Inclusion Practices