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Professional Development - Corporate Employee Resource Groups

SPAN is your one-stop resource for learning, sharing and connecting regarding the development, education and health of children. We offer training, coaching and consultation designed to improve your practices in working with families.
Corporate Employee Resource Groups - help employees know how to meet their child’s needs, decrease on-the-job distractions.
Benefits of SPAN's workshops:
•  Employees will hear from parents experiencing the same emotions and challenges that they are facing.
•  Employees will spend less time away, distracted from work because they know how to navigate the systems to get what their child needs.
•  Your staff will learn how to collaborate with schools & health care providers so they can be more effective at work.

Suggested/sample workshops for corporate employee resource groups; customizable sessions also available:
•  Addressing Challenging Behaviors
•  Multiple Intelligences
•  Understanding ADHD
•  Literacy Strategies
•  Paperwork - Get Organized!
•  Health advocacy