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Parent Group Specialists of Southern New Jersey, Tatsiana DaGrosa and Debbie Esposito, facilitated a “Parent Advisory Group Café” session at  #PARENTCAMP

#ParentCamp is an "unconference" where parents, educators, students, and community members come together to learn and share with each other  best practices for children. Dr. Joe Mazza delivered the keynote address to over 45 attendees.  The key note was followed by 3 additional sessions on various topics in an "unconference" format.  Tatsiana and Debbie, along with Chris Selko, Family Resource Specialist at SPAN, engaged the participants in authentic conversation about what it takes to have an effective Special Education Parent Advisory Group.

The informal ambiance of the Café style setting encouraged deeper questions and enhanced discussions that inspired appreciation for family-educator collaboration to improve outcomes for all children with disabilities. A wealth of experiences, knowledge, and engagement activities were among the key ideas shared by the Parent Advisory Group Café attendees regarding development and sustainability of SEPAGs as well as their ability to facilitate family engagement in the special education decision-making process.

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