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News from Washington about Affordable Care Act

Source: National Family Voices

The big news this week is the election. Bottom line:  In the next Congress, which begins on January 3, Democrats will hold a majority in the House, and Republicans will hold a majority in the Senate. This means that Congress will not be able to repeal the Affordable Care Act or fundamentally change the Medicaid program, if all House Democrats oppose such measures. In three states, voters approved Medicaid expansion, and in four other states, the governors-elect support Medicaid expansion while their opponents did not. More details below.

It's OPEN ENROLLMENT SEASON through December 15!  Remember that it is important for consumers to shop around, and not just renew the plan they have now, because plan costs and the subsidy they will get are likely to have changed. 

The TRICARE open season runs from November 12 through December 10. The Medicare open season runs from October 15 through December 7.  To read more, go to: