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Family WRAP: Project Care

SPAN’s Family WRAP: Project Care offers support for parents of children with special healthcare needs with wrap-around services from trained Family Resource Specialist housed at county Special Child Health Services Case Management Units.  Each FRS is a the parent of a child with special needs who has faced the challenges and triumphs of the families we serve. 


We support families with infants, toddlers children and youth with disabilities and/or special health care needs by:

  • Providing information and resources on family rights to families of children with special healthcare needs
  • Helping families navigate the health and other systems that serve children with special healthcare needs and their families
  • Helping families smooth the transition from early intervention to preschool, from preschool to school age services, and from school to adult life
  • Providing resources such as parent support groups and connection to local and state agencies and respite care
  • Helping families prepare for and supporting families at IEP meetings, health care appointments and hospital visits
  • Assisting families to resolve conflicts with school and healthcare providers
  • Guiding families and professionals toward resources and recreational information

NJ Department of Health, Special Child Health and Early Intervention Services 

Patricia Paraskevacos
Project Director
973-523-6778 x 2421
What families/professions are saying about this project: 

“I called dozens of state, county and local agencies seeking guidance and support regarding my daughter’s recent disabling illness. Rarely, if ever, did I receive return calls. When I did, I was told there wasn’t much that could be done to accommodate her, and that there are simply “gaps” in our healthcare and social services systems. When I reached your Family Resource Specialist, things changed. You opened my eyes to help that could be provided by my daughter’s school, via an IEP and/or 504 plan. You carefully and thoroughly guided me through the process of accessing these services for her, by sending a certified letter to the school and securing letters from my daughter’s doctors to document her needs. You have been there for us every step of the way. Your knowledge about how to navigate education and health systems has been priceless to us, and I cannot thank you enough. Without your guidance, my daughter would not be able to make it through her day.” 

Key Resources of Interest: 

For each resource list:

Title: A Parent’s Notebook: All About my Child with Special Needs

Description: A notebook for parents to organize information about their child’s special healthcare needs, medications, and providers


Title: Access to Health Services: Help for NJ Families of Children with Special Healthcare Needs

Description: This powerpoint presentation by NJ’s Special Child Health and EI Services summarizes the resources available to children with special healthcare needs and their families including the network of county Special Child Health Services Case Management Units


Link to Special Child Health Services brochure

Title: NJ Autism Registry: Information for Families

Description: Overview of NJ’s Autism registry                        


Title: Being a Healthy Adult: How to Advocate for Your Health and Healthcare

Description: Being A Healthy Adult: How to Advocate for Your Health and Health Care, developed by the Boggs Center, is a guide for young adults that includes frequently asked questions and a series of activities to use to become an effective advocate, especially when you have special health care needs.




Patricia Paraskevacos, Project Director

Bergen County: Wendy Broadbent, Family Resource Specialist

Camden County: Janet Martinez, Family Resource Specialist 

Mercer County: Vacant

Middlesex County: Garima Jain, Family Resource Specialist 

Monmouth County: Cathy Balto, Family Resource Specialist

Passaic County: Patricia Paraskevacos, Family Resource Specialist