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Community-Based Services for Children with Complex Medical Needs Fact Sheet

Children who live with complex medical needs are often highly dependent on intensive and expensive interventions and equipment. Historically, like many other states, New Jersey relied on institutional care for children with such complex needs. However, it is generally accepted that children’s social, psychological, emotional and developmental needs are best met at home. Further, children and families want to be together, not separated. With technology and other developments in care for children with complex medical conditions, it is becoming increasingly possible to support them in their homes and communities. The SPAN Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) strongly supports this current movement towards community based supports and services for children with complex needs. In addition to the desire of children and families to be together, there are other reasons to eliminate – or at least significantly limit – institutionalization of children with complex needs, including the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the US Supreme Court decision in Olmstead, and the potential for exposure to infectious diseases. This fact sheet provides information for families and providers on alternatives to institutionalization and congregate care for children with complex medical conditions.

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