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Center for Parent Information & Resources - A National SPAN Project

The Center for Parent Information and Resources  (CPIR) is a central resource of information and products for the community of ninety-six (96) Parent Training Information (PTI) Centers and the Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRC) serving the more than 6 million families of children with disabilities across the U.S. and territories.  Because PTIs and CPRCs are the main focus of our work, CPIR is designed to gather Parent Center perspectives at each step along the way.

To accomplish its objectives, CPIR:

  • maintains a robust website,, that gives Parent Centers access to a huge library of resources on the focus areas of OSEP-funded parent centers serving families of children with disabilities birth to 26. is the Parent Centers' first stop when looking for resources on policy and best practices to share with families, partners and policymakers related to early intervention, general and special education and transition under IDEA;
  • connects Parent Center staff to their colleagues across the country through the private Parent Center Workspaces;
  • creates and disseminates new products for Parent Center staff through a user-centered process;
  • keeps Parent Centers up to date on news, emerging issues, research and best practices from OSEP, the U.S. Department of Education, the Technical Assistance and Dissemination (TA&D) network, and other relevant resource partners; 
  • supports Parent Centers in the collection and reporting of annual performance data;
  • maintains a Stakeholders Advisory Group with majority representation of Parent Center staff; and
  • conducts national assessments of Parent Center needs and strengths.

For a summary of our services, please click here.

The Center for Parent Information and Resources, a partnership between the SPAN and FHI 360, is made possible through funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs No. H328R130014.

Debra Jennings, Project Director
Myriam Alizo, Assistant Project Director
What families/professions are saying about this project: 

"The Center for Parent Information & Resources recognizes the strength and influence of the approximately 100 Parent Centers and the knowledge and skills that they bring to their work with families and professionals.  Through its user-centered processes, the CPIR is leveraging our individual strengths to improve the entire network."

Key Resources of Interest: 

Welcome to the Resource Library for the Parent Center network!  Find resources of interest to you through the quick-find links (just below) or through the dynamic “Search for Resources” feature, which will let you filter your results by format, audience, and producer.


The Center for Parent Information and Resources Team

SPAN, a parent center with extensive experience in empowering parents in New Jersey and parent centers in the northeastern states, serves as the lead partner for the CPIR.

FHI 360 is equally proud to serve as a subcontractor and to bring to CPIR the exceptional expertise of staff from the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities, better known as NICHCY. This team equips the CPIR with the skills vital to writing family-friendly materials, designing powerful user-friendly websites, disseminating for impact, and collaborating with multiple partners to create on-target, user-centered publications and products.

Quite significantly, the regional Parent Technical Assistance Centers (regional PTACs) serve as collaborators and partners in CPIR operations to ensure that Parent Centers have a foundational voice in shaping the products and services CPIR provides. The PTACs coordinate their activities with those of the CPIR to ensure that parent training efforts throughout the network are well-coordinated and non-duplicative.

Together, SPAN, FHI 360, and the PTACs are committed to operating a CPIR that is truly responsive to the needs and missions of the Parent Centers.