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Action Alert - NJ Children & Youth with Autism

ACTION ALERT | NJ Children & Youth with Autism

    See key information below or click here to download a pdf file:Group of children

AUTISM BENEFIT  New Jersey is seeking approval for an amendment to the NJ Medicaid State Plan to include Autism Spectrum Disorder related services for (EPSDT) eligible individuals.  The State Plan Amendment would provide individuals with autism the following:

  • Access to an individually planned and coordinated set of services for individuals up to age 21 (services currently stop at age 13)
  • A plan of care that includes parent/caregiver/youth choice and maximizes an individual’s quality of life
  • A multidisciplinary array of services that support the child/youth’s functional development and his/her inclusion in their own community
  • Services that are trauma and developmentally informed and reflect a holistic and integrated approach
  • Services provided in home/out of home settings, clinical settings, community settings
  • Services using a variety of developmental and relationship-based approaches including but not limited to: Behavioral Supports | Augmentative Communication | OT | PT | Speech | Eating/Feeding Evaluation and Treatment | Sensory Integration | Assistive Technology | Transitional Services |  Respite | Screening and evaluation | Community Inclusion | Transportation | Skill Acquisition


  • Ensure timely access to appropriate services and build capacity of providers to serve children with ASD
  • Expansion of specialty services available statewide
  • Family and youth driven approach to services
  • Integrated approach to care and an expansion of trauma competent care

ACTION NEEDED Submit comments to highlight the parts of the plan that would be helpful to your family and to identify any concerns you have with the plan.  Comments or inquiries must be submitted in writing by February 3, 2019 to: 

Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services

Office of Legal & Regulatory Affairs

Attention: Margaret Rose

P.O. Box 712, Mail Code #26

Trenton, New Jersey 08624-0712

Fax: 609-588-7343



  • Providing parent/caregiver/youth choice in the development of the plan of care and in choosing services that meet each family’s needs will lead to improved outcomes.
  • Autism is a spectrum disorder that requires a spectrum of approaches to care.  ABA services are not right for every family; it is important that the plan cover a much wider array of services.  Expanding services to include effective developmental and relationship-based approaches will meet the needs of all individuals with ASD.
  • Governor Murphy’s FY19 budget includes $17 million to expand and improve access to services for youth with Autism.
  • Providing services for individuals aged 14-21 will have a dramatic impact in meeting the needs of youth with autism in NJ.
  • The state is to be commended for recognizing the devastating impact of trauma on children and their families and expanding services to be more trauma informed.
  • Providing community based services, including transportation, is the best way to ensure that children with ASD improve and generalize skills, build relationships, and become valued members of their community.
  • NJ has one of the highest rates of autism in the country.  These are urgently needed services that can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our children.